Workflow & Automation

Our software can enforce and simplify your program’s processes with integrated workflows and robust automation options.
Features & Benefits
  • Enforce your program’s processes with integrated workflows
  • Simplify your processes and increase efficiency with automation
  • Automate simple process steps or configure more advanced automation
  • Automatically generate offer letters, policy letters, reports and more
  • Increase efficiency and gain metrics for every process step
  • Trigger interfaces and enforce business rules

Our workflow engine is an integral part of our solution and is one of the components of our system that truly sets it apart from the competition. We use a proprietary Microsoft Visio template to design, document and import your processes into the software to drive the workflow. You can then manage checklists for each assignment enforcing your processes at every step. 

At any point in a workflow, you can reassign to the appropriate contact, gather required information in a form, run a report or automate any system function (e.g. lock a cost estimate, trigger an interface, initiate a vendor or approve an assignment).  The engine can be configured to send customized emails, reminders, or escalations at different points in the process, and helps facilitate and integrate the process for all people involved. 


You can also streamline the process dramatically by automating assignment initiations, cost estimates, approval processes, initiation of vendors and payroll instructions. You can even configure the software to automatically generate documents such as offer letters, policy letters and reports. 


These features can be configured for your program as a part of your overall solution, increasing efficiency and offering metrics for every step from initiation to repatriation.