Support & Security

Instituting a new technology solution can come with concerns. What type of support is offered? How are upgrades handled? Is my data going to be secure? We understand these concerns and both our software and support team are equipped to handle each of them.
Features & Benefits
  • Support for all time zones with offices on two continents
  • New functionality rolled into software upgrades
  • Software upgrades available at no additional cost
  • Robust security model protects your sensitive data
  • Role-based access allows each user to see only pertinent data

Polaris has support teams on the ready on two continents. With offices in Bellevue, U.S.A and Dublin, Ireland, we can cover every time zone, so you can rest assured that you’ll have support when you need it.

Unlike some software solutions, Polaris doesn’t charge for software upgrades. We are constantly adding new functionality to the overall product offering, making it available through free upgrades. We firmly believe your technology should grow with your program – without additional cost. 
Our software utilizes a robust security model to protect our clients’ sensitive data while complying with industry and regulatory standards for security and privacy. Role-based access via a secure web connection also allows individualized access to pertinent data for each user, while maintaining data integrity.