Role-Based Access

Allowing a broad range of global mobility users to access a centralized data set can dramatically increase efficiency and minimize errors during assignment management, but presents complex security and privacy issues. Our software solves for that, allowing secure role-based access for assignees, managers, HR, finance, relocation vendors, immigration vendors and tax vendors.
Features & Benefits
  • Allow individualized access to a centralized data set
  • Provide access to assignees, managers, HR, vendors, and others
  • Increase efficiency and maintain data integrity
  • Accessible with a secure sign in from any web browser
  • Each user sees only the data that is relevant to them
  • Integrated with our Single Sign-On functionality

All key contributors access the same data with our software. This minimizes duplicative data entry and maintains data integrity. Each user sees just the data that is relevant to them and nothing more – simply by signing in from a secure web browser. Access can be limited by country, payroll or cost center.  This functionality also integrates seamlessly with Single Sign-On.


Managers can gain a comprehensive view of all tasks related to each assignment, assignees can see pertinent details about their assignment, and external vendors can gain access only to what is necessary for them to complete their tasks.