If you’re not working from a centralized and unified software platform, it can be difficult to track down your data. With our software, you can always keep tabs on your numbers with ad-hoc or automated reporting.
Features & Benefits
  • Track all of your program’s data with our software reports
  • Run custom reports with the robust ad hoc reporting tool
  • Create program-wide reports or reports for specific assignments
  • Compare budget to actuals weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly
  • Stay compliant with tax, immigration, and compensation reporting

Our software allows you to make information a seamless part of every process by storing all demographic and financial information related to an assignment, assuring that you’ll always have a consistent data set for all users. We also offer the ability to run both ad‐hoc and standard reports on this data set in real time.

Our robust proprietary ad‐hoc reporting tool allows you to create your own reports in Excel without any additional programming. Using our system, you can easily pull accurate information in real-time and make more informed decisions as a result. 
This data helps drive collaboration and communication, makes it easier to align your actions with organizational strategy and initiatives, and gives you measurements to improve the effectiveness of your business.
The reporting features are also invaluable for compliance. You can compare budget to actuals and get a clear grasp of your total program spend by week, month, quarter or year. You can also generate reports for shadow payroll and year-end purposes.