Payroll & Compensation

Distributing payroll instructions in multiple currencies to all corners of the world can be complicated. Polaris can simplify it with a combination of software features and back office services.
Features & Benefits
  • Simplify your payroll process with a combination of software and services
  • Distribute pay to assignees around the world in multiple currencies
  • Calculate all allowances systematically
  • Properly handle tax compliance for home and host country
  • Allow the Polaris team to handle many administrative functions

We have the flexibility to implement expat allowances in a variety of ways. First, for larger payrolls, we can develop a payroll feed to our clients via electronic interface. These feeds are used for instructing payroll as well as pushing benefit-in-kind items paid outside of payroll but includable in compensation. For smaller local payrolls that may not have the resources to create an interface with our software, we can also provide an .xml or .xls upload. 

Our software supports primary and shadow payroll in multi-currency and frequency, including the ability to pro rate and retro pay. It supports payroll code mapping so you can map our chart of accounts to your different payrolls. It also has integrated workflow to schedule the delivery of payroll instruction to payroll on the correct day - once all reviews and approvals have been completed. We support both manual payroll instruction reports and automated payroll interfaces including HRXML or custom-based feeds.
In addition, we are the only firm to offer a complete web-based solution for accumulating compensation. This allows our clients to have real-time expense reporting, true tax compliance, inter-company billing and total assignment budget-to-actual comparisons. Other companies offer solutions involving year-end true-ups that result in W2Cs and multiple reconciliations. We avoid this by making our solution readily available online and easy to use. 
We have the ability to work with many types of systems, exchanging information with pay agents/subsidiary payrolls, or paying the expatriates from a central location. Our solution is compatible with centralized global payrolls as well as decentralized approaches. The key factor is that the compensation data is centrally maintained under both approaches, which is how our solution provides value.
Many of our clients also utilize our back office services in tandem with our software. Our Payroll & Compensation team can provide key administrative functions such as coordinating all of the payroll instructions, collecting and reconciling the global compensation, tracking and resolving issues, and reviewing and authorizing payroll. We can also act as a liaison for your support vendors and serve as a point of contact for any payroll questions.