Expense Management

Finding a streamlined solution for expense management is important for any global mobility program, and maintaining a haphazard spreadsheet clearly isn’t the answer. Our software makes reimbursement for assignees and vendors a straightforward process.
Features & Benefits
  • Allow limited system access to both vendors and assignees
  • Integrated with workflow, cost estimate and payroll features
  • Payments and reimbursements distributed automatically
  • Reduce the burden of compensation collection by centralizing your A/P process
  • Stay compliant in real-time with payments included in local tax filings in the month they occur
  • Outsource administrative aspects or manage them internally

The software allows for role-based access, so both vendors and assignees have the ability to enter invoices online with backup documentation attached. All invoices then go through a three-part review process where we systematically compare them to the approved assignment cost estimate or budget, your policy, and their signed offer documents before they are paid. 

Any discrepancies are immediately flagged and resolved before payment can be made.  We then distribute payments to the vendor (including tax payments to taxing authorities) or reimbursements to the assignee in the appropriate currency anywhere in the world. 
The process is unified with other software features including workflow, cost estimates and payroll. All the information from an expense reimbursement is automatically rolled into compensation for real-time compliance. All backup documentation is also stored for audit and review purposes. 
The Polaris team can handle all of the administrative aspects of your expense management, or you can manage it internally utilizing our software.