Cost Estimates

Polaris can deliver specific cost estimates in a fraction of the time required by the tax vendors and relocation companies. With this functionality, you can dramatically increase the efficiency of your program and better respond to your internal constituents.
Features & Benefits
  • Get accurate cost estimates generated in a matter of minutes
  • Quickly run multiple estimates before creating an assignment
  • Accessible by multiple departments for use throughout the assignment
  • Current cost estimate stays updated as the employee fact pattern changes
  • Exception management built into the cost estimate process

The cost estimate module of our software supports all types of assignments (short term, long term, permanent transfer, etc.). It can provide cost estimates for the purposes of initial approval, annual budgets, forecasting and assignment extensions. 

The software also maintains current budgets, leveraging current assignment bonuses, salaries and allowances. It supports templates for each of your policy types and auto-fills to automatically calculate every line item in the estimate including COLA, relocation, home leave, hardship, and vendor fees. 
Based on the tax profile, the system will also calculate home, host, and hypo taxes including appropriate gross-ups, identifying applicable treaties, assignee profiles, and specific client tax positions.