Accounting & Finance

Global mobility poses unique accounting challenges. Polaris offers both a leading-edge technology solution and an accounting team that’s experienced with the intricacies of the industry.
Features & Benefits
  • Manage accruals internally or use the Polaris accounting team
  • Accounting module is unified with other aspects of the system
  • Unified accounting module with other aspects of the system
  • Detailed reporting allows transparency for financial analysts
  • Get financial analysis and budgeting consultation from our team

The accounting module of our software is unified with other modules, allowing you to reconcile your multi-currency transactions and then create journal entries for the payroll and assignment related expenses. Our system can accommodate multiple general ledger codes and cost centers so that you won’t end up with one entry each period that’s indecipherable for a financial analyst. Our reporting allows analysts to drill down to the individual line items posted to a cost center or account - even allowing them to view the invoices online.

If you’re looking for an experienced accounting team to shoulder some of the workload, we can help you in a variety of ways. Our services include posting to your general ledger, creating inter-company invoicing and reconciling inter-company payments in multiple currencies, reconciling the cash account used for making multi-currency payments, managing assignment expense accruals and creating financial statements for global employment companies. We can also provide business insight through financial analysis and help you budget effectively.
Whether your internal team leverages our software, you outsource the accounting work to Polaris – or a combination of the two - we’ll find the right accounting solution for your needs.