March 23, 2017
Bring Big Data to Global Mobility Decisions

Big data is the invisible thread running through our lives: whether you are using your phone’s navigation system to find a new restaurant, watching the latest video trending on social media, or getting entertainment recommendations from your video streaming service.  In the business world, Big Data can help improve efficiency and enable effective planning to anticipate both the immediate and long term future.  Often, Global Mobility programs cannot properly harness data generated by their group to benefit from Big Data mining.


Mobility, ever-evolving and growing

For most businesses, their Global Mobility group was created and expanded as a reaction to company growth into new markets.  As a result, systems and procedures are often put into place without thought to an overall design or a cohesive approach to connect the disparate issues Global Mobility professionals deal with on a daily basis.  The ad-hoc systems and processes are reactionary to needs that arise in daily operations and serve the purpose for which there were originally created.  Often these processes and systems rely heavily on Excel tools, software designed for other business groups, or other non-specialist technology.  The disparate infrastructure is rarely easily adaptable as new situations or complications arise, creating havoc for Global Mobility specialists when new demands suddenly appear.


What could possibly go wrong…

Global Mobility is an ever-changing world that is swiftly outgrowing its humble roots in ad-hoc systems and Excel tools.  As Global Mobility becomes a firm partner of Talent, greater reporting and forecasting demands are becoming much more important. The need for instant status updates, analytical reports, and future trends analysis is something these fragmented ad-hoc systems are not able to produce in an efficient and effective way. This becomes apparent when a non-standard report, necessitating information that isn’t stored in one central repository is requested. Fulfilling such a request today often requires Global Mobility professionals to generate reports from several different systems and then combine the information in a clear and concise representation to ensure ease of use by the requesting business group. Global Mobility programs are collecting large amounts of data that are relevant to both current and future business needs, but that data is hard to utilize because of the inability to access the information quickly and efficiently.  As the program matures, the systems and processes must also improve to meet the increased demand and scrutiny – this is where Big Data enters the playing field.


Big Data to the rescue…


Your Global Mobility program deserves to benefit from Big Data just as much as your video playlist or navigation system.  To take advantage of Big Data, you must first have your data, processes, and systems coordinated in one centralized repository.  Once utilizing a central global management software, you can control and review your Global Mobility program in ways never before possible by having current, historical, and pending data consistently available for both routine and irregular reporting requests.  Clear visual representations of your data enable trend identification to plan for future demands, predictive analytics, as well as total cost and exception reporting.  In addition, a centralised system allows you to monitor real-time status updates, making it easy to stay abreast of any developing issues.  A centralised system allows Global Mobility professionals to efficiently produce reports for their own information as well as on demand from other parts of the business; freeing up your team members from spending time manually compiling information.

As you can see, Big Centralised Data is the Super Hero to the Mobility Program struggling under the demands of the business.  Providing the business with easy access to information and reports which are generated quickly is one sure way for global mobility to add value and provide the necessary tools for the business to make informed decisions.

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