Time to get with the flow

We worked with them to streamline numerous processes utilizing the workflow and automation elements of our system. We also deployed our operations team – leveraging our software’s payroll checklist functionality - to provide payroll instructions, collect compensation, perform reconciliations and load all locally paid items and relocation paid compensation for their worldwide population of assignees.

The automated workflow was a big factor for us. And the cost estimate tool was extremely impressive. Previously we had to wait about 2 days to get that.
Global Mobility Director, Pharmaceuticals
Automated with a personal touch

We also set up automation for the entire offer package. Based on the employee fact pattern, our software knows which paragraphs and policy elements to include and delivers the final document to the employee for approval within the workflow. The automated emails are also configured to read like they were personally written, and not system generated.

The Polaris Software is great. We configured automated communications – before we had to create emails, and add attachments. We have it set up to create all documents: assignment letters, policy letters, and with payment amounts.
Global Mobility Technology Manager, Pharmaceuticals
Ready for the future

Since we started working with their team, we’ve configured our software and our services team to make their program into one of the most automated in the industry. Working hand-in-hand with them, we’ve built a global mobility program that is truly ready for the next century.