Reporting was a huge issue for us. We couldn’t get our hands around the data or the spend with vendors. Charting financials vs. actuals. We needed a system of records so that we could completely move away from paper files.
Richard Lopez, Dell
The Polaris Solution

Working with internal finance teams and local payrolls, Polaris created a solution that systematically tracked and collected compensation. Year end became a non-issue. We also configured additional reporting features and workflow specifically for their internal processes.

Everyone from HR to payroll, to finance to our tax suppliers can go into the specific area they need. It also decreased our man hours – we can get into the system and get our hands dirty right away, and turn around cost estimates much quicker.
Richard Lopez, Dell
A fast company.

Over the years, our software has become the central hub for Dell’s global mobility program. Internal clients and vendors are given role-based access to work within the modules that they need.

The global mobility program at Dell has become one of the most respected in the industry. We’ve evolved right along with them, incorporating many of the solutions originally configured for Dell into the standard version of the software that we offer today.