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At the time, their process for tracking assignees was very manual. They’d grown significantly by acquiring several other companies, and their widely dispersed population was very decentralized. It was virtually impossible to manage the assignees consistently or even to know who they were, or where they were. Every aspect of the program was executed manually, including cost estimates and payroll instructions. Comp collection was nothing more than an Excel document.

We had several issues to address. We needed a central repository for costs. We wanted something automated. We didn’t want to rely on a tax vendor for cost estimates.
Trey Delmark
Polaris introduces
a system

Our software improved their situation right away by consolidating all assignees and assignee data into one centralized system. We introduced robust reporting features so they could monitor their program, and for the first time, allowed for visibility of total program cost. We also automated their payroll instructions and comp collection, allowing us to provide accurate and complete tax reporting for all compensation. Our quick cost estimates, configured to their policies, also cut days off of their previous turnaround time.

We couldn’t live without the ability to run cost estimates. Typically it can take up to 3 days to get a cost estimate because you need to check with the tax vendor. With Polaris, the tax engine is built in – so we can get an estimate within an hour.
Trey Delmark
A secure relationship

It’s been a dramatic turnaround in just a few years for this company’s global mobility program. Where there was previously confusion and a lack of consolidated information, now there is precision and efficiency. There’s also peace of mind knowing that their year-end reporting is being provided to their tax vendor in one accurate report. They may not have known what solution they were looking for, but they knew they’d found it with Polaris.