We previously outsourced it to a global relocation company, but their solution was lacking. It might as well have been Excel. We wanted to own all of our data in-house.
Global Mobility Director, Financials
Reigning it all in

We joined forces with the client and started to bring key elements of their program in-house right away. Leveraging our software, we put a systematic approach in place for assignment initiation, cost estimates, balance sheets and payroll. More recently, we began providing expense management services and compensation collection reporting. The immediate result was greatly enhanced tax compliance and an understanding of their total assignment expenditures that they didn’t have before.

We needed to own our assignment management database, and we needed to know our total program cost.
Global Mobility Director, Financials
Ready for change

The client underwent several transitions in the last few years, and the flexibility Polaris offers was key to weathering the changes. In 2010, their merger with another financial institution resulted in a full policy review and the introduction of a core/optional policy approach that we supported. All of the merged assignee details were uploaded to Polaris as well, and we became the new merged company’s system of record.

First and foremost for us was the tax engine that they had included. Also the customization and the ability to change controls over the years – Polaris quoted us numbers that we could live with. And they just seemed to offer the greatest flexibility.
Global Mobility Director, Financials
Moving forward together

Working together to solve the evolving needs of a business undergoing significant change, we’ve created a true client and vendor success story. We continue to work hand-in-hand with them as we look to add even more automated functionality, enhanced reporting features, and leverage our progress in expense management to offer accruals.

Customization was very important. Also, we didn’t know it at the time, but the workflow tool is very important to us. We live and die by that.
Global Mobility Director, Financials